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FBR requested Taxpayers to update profile to avoid penalty, and exclusion from ATL

FBR advised to Taxpayers to update their profile by March 31, 2021 to avoid any penalty and further exclusion of there name from Active Taxpayers List (ATL). Last date for updating the profile was December 31, 2020. However, this date was then extended by the FBR up to March 31, 2021.For Details Click Here….

FBR Encouraged Taxpayers’ to resolve their legal cases through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADRC)

FBR Encouraged taxpayers to resolve cases through ADRC immediately. FBR issued a press release at February 02, 2021 for information of the taxpayer. About the system of Alternative Dispute Resolution Committees (ADRC). FBR encouraged taxpayers to resolve their legal cases through ADRC. For Details Please Click Here.          

Pakistan Customs introduced a pre-arrival clearance facility: Clearance in Sky

Clearance in Sky: Pakistan Customs introduced a pre-arrival clearance facility. Pakistan has introduced a system for pre-arrival clearance of imported goods coming through the air route. It will help to to facilitate business operations in the country with the aim of clearing the goods on time. For Complete Details CLICK HERE.

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  • President Alvi ordered on the issue of failure to upload declarations under tax amnesty scheme July 26, 2021
    The President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, issues an order in favor of the declarants of the Tax Amnesty Scheme 2019 (assets declaration scheme). Who already deposited their taxes under the Tax Amnesty Scheme 2019 (assets declaration scheme). But they became unable to upload their declarations on the deadline of 3rd July 2019 because of... […]
  • Update Business Bank Accounts to avoid Penalty after due date July 25, 2021
    In order to promote documentation and to streamline action, the concept of business bank account has been introduced in the Ordinance by inclusion of definition of business bank account in section 2. The obligation to declare business bank account has been placed on taxpayers through substituted section 114A. Failure to notify such account may attract... […]
  • Pakistan’s current account ends FY21 in deficit July 23, 2021
    Pakistan’s current account balance reached at a deficit of $1.85 billion in fiscal year 2020-21. Due to jump in imports on account of rise in crude oil prices and vaccine arrivals. Current Account deficit Despite the fact that it remained in surplus in first 11 months of fiscal year ended The deficit came despite the... […]
  • European Central Bank inches closer to ‘digital euro’ July 23, 2021
    The European Central Bank (ECB) moved closer to a “digital euro” with the launch of a pilot project. But questions remain about possible problems and advantages for eurozone citizens. This fact comes as the coronavirus epidemic has accelerated a shift away from cash. The move comes as the coronavirus pandemic has speed up a shift... […]
  • FBR and NADRA Drafted Plans to start national level exercise to Broaden the Tax Base July 23, 2021
    The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday informed to Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin that the tax authority is drafting new plans to widen the tax base with the help of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). According to media reports, Federal Minister for Finance Shaukat Tarin on Monday visited the FBR’s headquarters in Islamabad... […]

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Global Tax Consultants in Lahore, Pakistan is an experienced tax consultants organization. Established by Fayyaz Ahmed Khan. Having CA (CAF), MA (Eco.,),, Income tax practitioner (ITP) of FBR, CA articles of ICAP, and life member Lahore Tax Bar Association (LTBA). Having more than 15 Years of experience of industry and consultancy firm as controller of accounts and finance and professional experience in the field of tax, accounts, corporate, audit, and accounting software. We also generally regarded by organization as a global partner in tax, accounting, audit and IT consulting.


Registration of NTN, Sales Tax, & Weboc of Sole Proprietor, AOP & Company, Sales Tax Returns, Submission of Withholding Statements


Incorporation / formation of companies, Increase in share capital, Issuance of shares of non-listed companies


Formation of a Partnership Business, Registration of Partnership Business with Registrar (Form C)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an accountant, why do I need a Tax Consultant as well?

You sound like a tax specialist. Can you manage my accounts as well? I don’t want to employ two people to handle my accounts and finances.

Yes, an Accountant’s role is key to business progress but tax specialist plays his role on front foot. Tax Planning is vital for management of books of accounts, and financial matters of any business. So we are here to provide you the both services at once.

What sort of things can you do for me?

We are here to provide you Tax, Corporate, Audits, Accounting, IPO, Software and Learning Courses Services.

Is this like Tax avoidance? Isn’t that illegal?

Yes, Tax Avoidance is illegal. But tax Planning in your business to avoid any legal consequences and to run your business in such a way that you not only save your money but also comply the laws of taxation, is legal. For instance, a limited company issues shares instead of cash payments to his shareholders is actually a legitimate tax planning.

What type of Business registration is suitable for my business?

It’s very famous question! There are three types of business registrations, Sole Proprietor, Partnership Business Firm and Private / Public limited companies. First decision depends on no of partners, financial position of businesses, and last but not the least industry requirement.

What is the due date for submission of Annual Tax Returns?

For Salaried individuals the due date is 31st August, for other than salaried individuals the due date is 30th September and for limited companies the due date is 31st December after the close of the financial year.

What about Qualification of Tax Consultants in Lahore, Pakistan ?

Tax Consultants in Lahore, Pakistan are qualified Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Management Accountants, ITPs, and other Accounts background professionals.

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